Surveyors and Property Consultants


The built environment, the surroundings that provide the setting for human activity ranging in scale from single buildings to megacities, their infrastructure, transportation systems and environment, is fundamental to economic growth and is central to the well-being of people.


Informed consultancy within the built environment needs a holistic view that addresses issues of capacity, design, construction, use and management and set in the context of an appreciation of the relationship to human activities over time.


Keppie Massie is at the forefront of consultancy in this field and leads the way in the identification of the need for and the delivery of change, evolution and renewal in the built environment.

Regeneration & Strategic Development

We recognise that the built environment must constantly evolve and develop to respond to changing human needs. Our Regeneration and Strategic Development Team provides a comprehensive range of services to the built environment from project inception, through delivery and ultimately to post-delivery monitoring and utilisation. We provide the full spectrum of advice from area wide strategic policy to the delivery of individual projects. Our advice is based on a wealth of experience of successful policy and development implementation, good practice and government guidance and legislation together with a track record of innovation and forward thinking.


We advise both the public and private sectors and are fully cognisant with their aims, objectives and approaches and their operating limitations and legislative restrictions.  Our aim is to maximise the opportunity arising in the built environment, whilst ensuring an efficient use of often limited resources and innovatively overcoming what are perceived to be boundaries and restrictions.


In the public sector we advise all tiers of Government and institutions including European and Central UK Government, National Governments and Regional and Local Authorities, together with various other public bodies including the Homes and Communities Agency and various local delivery agencies. Examples of instructing bodies include European Investment Bank (EIB), Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), Welsh Assembly Government, Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Local Authorities across the UK.


Our private sector clients include all sectors of developers and investors including local, regional and national house builders, commercial developers, development managers, land promoters and corporate bodies.


Our expertise covers all property sectors including the mainstream commercial, retail, leisure and residential markets together with more specialised sectors such as arts, media, sports and cultural; education, healthcare and institutional; and infrastructure, energy and renewables.  We work on a nationwide basis and are able to react quickly and efficiently to meet client requirements.


We can either be directly appointed or procured through our various procurement panel appointment systems including Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), Sell2Wales, NWCH and Matrix, together with a number of direct panel appointments with instructing clients.


We regularly work as a part of multi-disciplinary team and we have established links and track records with economists, planners, masterplanners, architects, engineers, highways consultants, environmental consultants, the energy and utilities sector and the educational, institutional and healthcare sectors.