Surveyors and Property Consultants


Informed and accurate valuation advice underpins the property market and is essential for making sound decisions.


A valuation involves more than simply a figure; instead it provides an assessment of the property in the context of its market in order to enable a platform for business stability and effective decision making in both the long and short term.


Keppie Massie’s Valuation Team provides a dedicated and efficient valuation service which is predicated on a high level of communication with our clients throughout the process.  Whilst a specialised and often complex area of property practice, our valuers provide relevant, detailed advice underpinned by local market knowledge.


We have expertise across all sectors and advise the full range of client types, including:


  • Banks & Lending Institutions
  • Private Property Companies
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Public Sector


Annually on behalf of these clients, our Valuation Department values in the order of £200m of property.


All our valuers are registered valuers under the RICS Registered Valuer scheme ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of professional service.


We value all types of property ranging from the traditional retail, offices, industrial, land and residential to more specialised sectors including development sites and leisure uses


In terms of Keppie Massie’s areas of operation, we do not have any geographical limitations.  We provide a consistent level of market coverage for each of our locations with extensive experience in the North West, North Wales and North Midlands.