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A Condition Survey is a documented record of the condition of specific building elements that comprise the structure, fabric and services of a property.  The survey provides a snapshot of the condition of a property at one point in time.


Usually consisting of both a photographic and written schedule of building elements, the survey report can include repair recommendations, building element life cycles and cost schedules together with floor plans and elevation drawings as necessary.


Prior to the commencement of a new lease for residential or most commonly commercial premises, we recommend that a Condition Survey be undertaken on behalf of the landlord or tenant to ensure an accurate record of the condition of the premises upon occupation.


In the case of a tenant and depending on lease obligations, a Condition Survey can greatly assist in ensuring that upon the expiry of the lease, the tenants repairing obligations and costs are minimised.


Similarly in the case of a landlord and depending on lease obligations, a Condition Survey at the commencement of a new lease can assist in ensuring that the premises are reinstated to the original standard upon lease expiry.  In each circumstance the absence of a Condition Survey can create a grey area when negotiating Dilapidations claims.


As a landlord or long lease tenant of commercial premises with full repairing obligations, a Condition Survey including repair recommendations, costs and life cycle indications can greatly assist in the preparation of an accurate and efficient budget and maintenance programme ensuring all eventualities are planned and mitigating the cost of unexpected large scale repair and replacement issues of building and service elements.


With an unrivalled knowledge of construction technology, building fabric and structures, the Building Surveying Team at Keppie Massie are able to deliver high quality, reliable property Condition Surveys tailored to the unique requirements of all clients and for a range of purposes with a commitment to client satisfaction and peace of mind.


Keppie Massie can provide the following services relating to Condition Surveys however we will endeavour to meet the requirements of any client:


  • Condition Surveys Complete with Quantities
  • Life Cycle Recommendations & Cost Forecasts
  • Photographic Schedules
  • Building Fabric & Structure Repair & Replacement Advice
  • Floor & Service Plans
  • Elevation Drawings
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