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Dilapidations (Landlord or Tenant)


Dilapidations proceedings quantify and value the items to be addressed by a commercial tenant in keeping with their lease obligations.  Such proceedings can take place during or at the expiry of a commercial lease.


As a landlord of commercial property, sound Dilapidations advice is imperative in order to ensure that all contractual responsibilities are met by the tenant to a satisfactory standard in accordance with the terms of the lease.


Alternatively, receiving expert, well timed, dilapidations advice is essential to tenants of commercial property when seeking to anticipate the extent of works and financial requirements of meeting lease obligations, particularly under repair, redecoration and reinstatement clauses, enabling a tenant to plan and budget for the expected eventuality and ensuring the efficiency of any associated costs.


When seeking to exercise a break clause, we would recommend that expert advice is sought; ensuring that the break notice is served and all obligations are met as per lease requirements enabling an effective break.


Similarly, should a tenant receive any repair notices from a landlord, advice should be sought to determine the most appropriate and efficient course of action, ensuring that any eventuality is fully documented.


With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in successfully acting for both landlord and tenant in dilapidations proceedings and related matters, Keppie Massie provide expert and fully comprehensive dilapidations advice to a broad range of commercial clients.


To landlords, we endeavour to minimise the direct cost of bringing a newly vacated property back to a marketable standard.


To tenants, we are committed to ensuring that all lease responsibilities are met at the lowest possible cost.


Keppie Massie successfully deliver a range of dilapidations related services including:


  • Dilapidations Liability Advice Services
  • Lease Consultation & Review of all Documentation
  • Property Inspection & Schedule Preparation
  • Works & Financial Negotiations
  • Works Management Services
  • Property Inspections & Repairs Advice
  • Break Clause Advice
  • Repair Notice Advice
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