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Keppie Massie’s Commercial Agency Team understands the processes and difficulties that the search for new premises can present.  Furthermore, within the current economic climate it is more imperative than ever to make considered and appropriate property decisions.  Inappropriate or uninformed decision making will not only result in financial liabilities but also the potential to impede business operation.


Whether seeking new premises for expansion, rationalisation or expansion of a property portfolio, Keppie Massie’s Commercial Agency Team can manage the process throughout. We provide a comprehensive and personal service which is directly tailored to your requirements and underpinned by expert market knowledge.


Benefits of employing Keppie Massie’s search and introduction services:


  • Time and cost savings
  • Intimate knowledge of the property market
  • Confidentiality
  • Full commercial in-house property consultancy services to assist in the identification, purchase and aftercare of your asset including Building Surveying, Financial Brokerage, Valuation, Rating


There are five key stages in the Property Finder and Acquisition Service process:


Stage 1: "The Brief"
It is critical to obtain a clear brief from the client to establish the vision and objectives of the Business; the formulation of strategic considerations and priorities and the identification of the critical ‘drivers’ forming clients property decisions.
Stage 2: "Search & Shortlist" The identification of a property shortlist, including a detailed micro comparison of properties relative to the strategic priorities of the client.
Stage 3: "The Deal"
Negotiate incentives and undertake transactions on chosen options.
Stage 4: "Implementation"
Implementation of acquisition agree terms on the chosen property; instruct solicitors and monitor legal proceedings; advise where additional services are required and implement where appropriate.
Stage 5: "Property Aftercare"

Advice on how to maximise the property asset and methods of reducing on-going property costs.

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