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Bridging Finance & Short-Term Borrowing


Bridging finance is the term used to describe short term ie. usually less than 12 months, interest only borrowings secured on residential or commercial land or property and where there is often a pre-arranged or easily identifiable exit or repayment proposal.  It is characterised by speed of decision and speed of completion to meet tight deadlines that often cannot be met by more traditional funding means.  It is typically used to “bridge” a time gap between a purchase and a subsequent repayment from a defined exit by way of a sale or refinance of the asset in question or some other defined source of cash to repay the bridge loan.


Due to the nature of bridging finance, in terms of the security, the short term, nature and the focus on the exit or repayment route, borrower credit history and other aspects of loan due diligence are often less stringent than with traditional funding sources. However, the nature of this source of finance means it is more expensive than more mainstream funding sources.


Keppie Massie has excellent relations with a range of very established and active bridge funders who are willing to work with us and our clients to consider their short-term funding requirements.  Decisions in principle can often be obtained in a matter of hours and speed of completion is a unique feature of this type of funding.

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