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Keppie Massie can arrange development finance for a range of residential and commercial property development projects.


There is a widespread belief that development funding is not available in the current climate but the majority of prime and a good number of secondary lenders are willing to lend to developers who can demonstrate experience and a good track record.  Development funding is available for residential projects, including new builds and redevelopments, even on a speculative basis subject to quality of location, and commercial projects if supported by a pre-agreement on occupation or by pre-sales


We work closely with active lenders who will provide competitive percentages of the property or land purchase price and building costs and associated fees.  This can often result in funding being achieved for up to 70% of the project costs.


We are also able to offer access to mezzanine finance providers for situations that require higher levels of cost funding and in so doing reduce the amount of developer/borrower equity required to potentially as little as 10%.


In difficult market conditions it is important to evaluate and prepare a full presentation on the project, thereby leaving as little as possible to chance, and through our Regeneration and Strategic Development Team we can assess scheme viability as well as funding options to help you maximise your returns.

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