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Refinance of Existing Funding


In addition to brokering funding lines for new investment or development projects Keppie Massie’s highly experienced team is also able to advise on existing funding structures and negotiate on your behalf in relation to restructuring or refinancing.  This may be in situations where an incumbent lender has withdrawn its support and wishes to exit or is simply unable to assist further or it may be where an increase is required and we can act on your behalf in arranging this with your current funder.


A number of major lenders are actively trying to reduce the size of their loan books and are looking to achieve this in a number of ways, often through a default scenario.  In many cases, due to the reduction in property values in recent years, the level of debt on investment loan facilities taken out in 2007 and earlier is often greater than the property values.  Rather than resign itself to achieving at best a forced sale or heavily discounted value in a potential receivership situation many funders are now electing to negotiate some level of “debt forgiveness” if the borrower has an opportunity to refinance the assets.  Keppie Massie has access to a number of active lenders who are willing to refinance assets that continue to produce good income steams but have fallen foul of historic gearing covenants and as well as providing access to such lenders we can also lead negotiations with your current lender to achieve a positive outcome for all parties.  We work closely with our Valuation Team in such situations to establish value to assist us in our considerations and the ability to bring these disciplines together in one firm set us apart from our competition.

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