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The creative industries and sports sectors form part of the social fabric of society and yet, are often overlooked, represent a very significant part of the UK economy.  The sectors are diverse, fast moving and are set in a rapidly changing legislative and technological environment. 


The Department of Culture, Media and Sport defines the creative industries sector as including advertising; architecture; arts; antiques; computer games; crafts; design; fashion; film and video; music; performing and visual arts; publishing; television and radio. The creative industries sector alone is worth more than £36bn per annum according to Department of Culture, Media and Sport figures and employs over 1.5m people in the UK.  Directly and with related business the creative industries sector represents more than 8% of the UK GVA, approximately the same as the financial sector (DCMS data).


Similarly economic growth in the sports sectors has outstripped the UK economy as a whole over the past two decades.  The sport economy’s annual contribution is almost £17bn, with approaching 0.5m people, approximately 2% of the UK workforce, employed in the sector and the vast majority in the private sector.  The huge impact that the sports economy can have both in social and physical terms was brought into sharp focus by the Olympic and Paralympic Games (DCMS data).


We have a long history of advising the creative industries and sports sectors in the varied range of issues that arise in relation to their occupation and requirements within the built environment.  Our advice has covered matters as diverse as the establishment of local television and media organisation including property provision, project feasibility and viability, and capital funding; to industry capacity studies for arts organisations on a city wide basis including sufficiency and availability of property provision and practical and planning policy recommendations regarding future provision; to advice regarding the delivery and funding of community and private sports facilities including site identification and suitability, property transfer and ownership options, funding, valuation and viability advice; and to advice in relation to the procurement of major sports stadia including land availability and assembly, asset release and maximisation, valuation and funding, project viability and the potential for commercial supporting uses.

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