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A thorough understanding of the market and its potential is a central part of the decision making process.  Decisions need to be based on a robust evidence base, otherwise those decisions will be suspect, potentially open to challenge and will more than likely lead to a waste of resources and an ultimately unsatisfied objective.  The evidence base which underpins such decisions must be rigorously and systematically sourced and analysed, the conclusions must be capable of being legibly drawn and consequential actions fully justified.


The capacity of a market to fulfil a strategy’s, policy’s or project’s objectives needs to be understood and rigorously tested.  The feasibility of a strategy, policy or project should be comprehensively analysed and appreciated.   Ultimately in a market driven economic system the dynamics, potential, capacity, limitations and shortfalls of the market must be fully understood before embarking on any strategy formulation, policy preparation or project identification.


Our market investigations, and hence our reports and advice, follow a methodical process in relation to original research and detailed evidence analysis.  This allows us to quickly and effectively form legible and robust conclusions. Invariably we source primarily data directly from the market and only use secondary sources as a cross check or to supplement our analysis.  This approach makes our analysis both comprehensive and reliable.  Consultation and stakeholder input is a critical part of the process and how this engagement takes place, how it is managed and pertinently how its outputs are applied underpin the success of such studies and the conclusions which are ultimately drawn.  Soft market testing often provides a vital part of the evidence base, but must be undertaken in a methodical and impartial manner.


We have prepared many market, capacity and feasibility studies for various different purposes across the UK.  Our work has ranged from geographically based studies, involving the whole market in a defined area, to market, sector and scheme specific studies.  Our market facing perspective allows us to provide real world interpretation to the evidence base, resulting in ultimately sound conclusions.

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