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Economic Regeneration & Urban Renewal Strategy


Keppie Massie has a wealth of experience in advising in relation to the economic regeneration of the built environment and urban renewal strategy.  To remain competitive in an increasingly competitive global economy and to ensure continuing human well-being, all urban areas from the smallest of rural hamlets to the largest of cities must continually evolve and respond to changing demands and requirements.  The process of urban change can be difficult and often needs to be controlled, managed and directed to ensure the best possible outcomes.  In many instances the market alone cannot deliver urban renewal and an external stimulus is needed to promote regeneration.


We have an enviable track record in advising in relation to regeneration projects on a national basis.  At a macro level we have advised on regional and sub-regional economic initiatives and policies for promoting the regeneration of the built environment, whilst at the other end of the scale, at a micro level we have advised on individual projects, their sufficiency, suitability and delivery.  We advise on infrastructure provision, its adequacy, apparent requirements and the stimulus that it can present to regeneration.


Our advice includes all stages of the process from inception to actual delivery.  This involves the identification of the need for regeneration, the form, type and location of the required renewal, the market demand and supply justification for that development, the process of delivery, funding and procurement for that development and ultimately its utilisation, management and output assessment.  Economic viability, funding and delivery is critical to successful regeneration and, as economic viability is one of our core skills, whilst exploring the aspirational, real deliverability is central to our advice. 


Our expertise is recognised by a broad range of clients.  Our approach, which involves at its core a comprehensive, legible and pragmatic approach to evidence gathering, thorough analysis and experienced assessment and then formulation of our conclusions, means that our advice is clear, robust and fully supportable.   This approach has been fully supported by clients, stakeholders, funders, community groups, inspectors and auditors.  We advise at European and UK Government levels and advise individual National Governments and their delivery bodies.  We advise at regional and sub-regional levels.  We are instructed by both the public and private sectors, together with third sector, charitable and institutional clients.

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