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Education, Healthcare & Institutional


The Education, Healthcare and Institutional sectors invariably occupy specialised buildings and have very specific criteria in terms of their site selection, funding and occupational arrangements.  Having said this, the sectors need to compete in a market dominated and driven by the mainstream and, with on-going funding pressures, need to meet commercial criteria in their estates.  In an increasingly competitive world and, in sectors that aren’t immune from competition and budgetary pressures, the requirement to maximise efficiency, returns and utilisation, whilst minimising costs, becomes increasingly important.  Second to the human resource, the built estate invariably forms the most significant asset, and the largest potential outgoing.  Careful management and strategic development of the estate is then critical to the sectors’ future success.


We have a long track record of providing advice to the sectors ranging from estate planning to new site selection to project viability and funding.  Estate strategy and planning is particularly important to the sectors given the long term decisions that need to be made regarding the estate and that such decisions can rarely be easily reversed notwithstanding that circumstances almost inevitably may change.  Decisions need to be based on a fully informed and properly integrated business planning property strategy. 


Opportunities for the management and exploitation of the estate need to be identified and strategies and programmes put in place accordingly.  Similarly estate expansion or contraction needs to be fully considered and alternatives explored, schemes need to be rigorously tested and their viability thoroughly tested and understood.

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