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Regeneration & Strategic Development

Infrastructure, Energy, Renewables & Sustainability


The infrastructure, energy, renewables and sustainability sectors are expanding rapidly and yet are set against a seemingly constantly changing funding and legislative background.


Our expertise is based on lengthy experience in the sector and advising a range of clients from public sector promoters, transport and energy companies, developers, end users and landowners.  We advise from project inception to delivery, and our expertise ranges from advising in relation to the initial feasibility stage, through detailed appraisal, to budgeting and then actual on the ground delivery.


At the earliest stage of a project a robust feasibility study will require considered estimates in relation to such matters as project benefits, delivery costs and issues, site availability and land assembly costs.  These estimates need to be as rigorous as possible even though they may be based on limited information.  Our long experience of such matters allows us to make robust estimates even at the earliest of stages.


Project outcomes assessed in terms of a cost benefit analysis will need inputs in relation to additionalities, that is the net positive difference that results from the economic development intervention.  We are experienced in undertaking such assessments, which will need to consider whether the activity is larger in scale, at a higher quality, takes place quicker, takes place in a different location or takes place at all as a result of the intervention.


Project inception will require a thorough review of budget estimates, viability studies and delivery feasibility.  Ultimately we have wide-ranging experience of site selection and land assembly including land acquisitions by private treaty or compulsion, the securing of easements, wayleaves and other necessary rights and consents.

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