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Project Studies, Site Feasibility & Delivery Audit


A careful and considered approach to the management of a project at its inception, through the establishment of its strategy, during its on-going delivery and ultimately at its conclusion is essential to the overall success of that project.


In so many ways a robust project strategy is an essential prerequisite to success. Projects need to be benchmarked against known and identifiable targets and objectives.  Fundamental milestones should be identified and key performance indicators set.


A holistic project study at the earliest stage will inform and set the direction of travel and allow clear decisions to be made about what the project is to be, how it is to be delivered and when and what outcomes are to be anticipated.   At the earliest stage it will be identified whether a project is feasible and viable, what are its opportunities and anticipated outcomes and what are its threats and weakness and how these can be mitigated.


Inevitably projects in the built environment will need a fixed and defined location.  The feasibility then of a site as to whether it is suitable for the delivery of that project is a critical part of project delivery.  Issues such as capacity, location, assembly, title etc all need to be considered.  Alternatively the process may start at the site level with a given site - what is that site capable of being developed for, how can the site be best exploited to meet the objectives.


There are usually many ways to deliver an individual project or objective.  A review of the options for delivery establishes the best way forward in the first instance.   Then during the lifetime of the project ensures that it remains on track.   A delivery audit can also appraise stalled projects and initiatives or those that aren’t delivering the anticipated performance returns.  It will identify changes that can be made or alternative approaches that should be taken in order to secure the desired objectives.

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