Surveyors and Property Consultants


Matrimonial & Divorce Cases


Keppie Massie always provide independent and impartial advice.  Our valuers are experienced in valuations for matrimonial and divorce cases and are able to provide objective valuations whether acting as a jointly appointed independent expert or whether providing a valuation for your own individual purposes. In addition our valuers are also experienced in negotiation and are able to act on your behalf in conjunction with your legal advisors to ensure that an objective and appropriate conclusion is reached.


Our valuers are aware of the requirements of surveyors acting as expert witness including Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules.  Our valuers regularly act as expert witnesses in litigation proceedings within the Courts, Valuation Tribunals and the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) across the Country.  Keppie Massie has an exceptional proven track record in litigation proceedings and our experience enables us to provide an independent assessment of any claim.  Our Team seeks to provide reasoned advice as part of any dispute proceedings including whether it would be likely to be beneficial to pursue Court action and/or whether alternative dispute resolution procedures may assist reaching a more favourable (and cost effective) determination. 

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