Surveyors and Property Consultants


Probate Valuations


Property will usually be the most valuable asset within an estate which in the current climate can be difficult to value without professional advice.   As a probate valuation will affect the level of inheritance tax which is payable it is vital that any valuation undertaken is accurate and robust. Our valuers are able to provide a tailored service to suit your requirements as part of any inheritance tax submission.


Keppie Massie’s valuers are familiar with HMRC Guidance on how to value land and property for inheritance tax purposes.  Meanwhile our coverage across all market sectors and holistic property consultancy services allows us to draw upon direct property knowledge in addition to our own internal and external research library resources.  Our valuers are proficient in the valuation of all major property types including office, industrial, retail and residential together with more specialist areas including development sites, leisure and healthcare properties whether held individually or as part of a portfolio.


Our valuers are also experienced in negotiation and in instances where the valuation is in dispute, they will undertake negotiations with the District Valuer to arrive at fair and reasoned award on your behalf whilst guiding you through the process.

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